Helen en Delen


There are complaints that might not be cured, like eye or ear impediments. I don’t have to focus on those specifically: it’s an automatic process. If the impediment isn’t cured, there will not be an emptiness. It will be more than compensated for with good energy, which translates into happiness. If you have a mental problem with a certain condition, some form of fear of failure or claustrophobia, I will remove it. You will have a happier life. My way of healing always has an effect, but I can’t decide if you are healed physically, emotionally or spiritually.

What happens is not what you think or think you need, but what is needed right now for the growth of your consciousness. ‘I do not withhold the good from those who love me’, says the Lord, by which he means that you don’t have to believe, but if you are prepared to continue your personal and spiritual growth, you will always be healed, whether it is physically, emotionally or spiritually. My treatment brings you into contact again with the deep feeling of connection with all life. From this wholeness arises healing. True healing.