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  1. Through this message my mum and I want to thank you for the remote treatments you’ve given us which cured our impediments. As you know, my mum and I were on a holiday in Spain and we were both plagued by back pain. After we sent you a picture of us, you treated us. In no time the back pain in both our backs was gone and we could enjoy our holiday free from pain. You also took away my migraine. I haven’t had a headache for months now. I can’t tell you how happy I am with that. I hope you can help many more people with your gift.

  2. After a wrong fall when playing football my son broke his knee. A lot of pain and a very disappointed child, because we were to go to Turkey for the holiday. But you don’t want to put a child with his leg in a cast through a summer of 40 degrees. Because Andries had been treating me successfully for a while, I decided to tell him about the situation of my son. I sent Andries pictures of him and he treated him a number of times. After a week we went back to the hospital for pictures of his knee, and as if through a miracle his knee had healed. Doctors were astounded. The cast was taken off and we could go to Turkey after all. He never suffered from his knee again.

  3. How special to read/hear so many stories about what God does for the lives of these people!
Andries spreads the love of God! And with that, so much positive energy that people recover spontaneously! We experienced that Love when Andries held us physically, but also after that when he treated us through our picture.
The traumas that we carry have become softer.
Our muscle issues have reduced and we felt way less exhausted, which was the result of long-term grief.
But what we were most impressed by was the Love of God with which we were flooded! A bit of Heaven experience on earth!

  4. When I stopped using contraceptive injection because I wanted a child, my menstruation sadly didn’t return. Even after a year nothing happened. Last year when I was on a holiday in Greece I became ill. Throwing up and diarrhoea, I probably just ate something wrong. My mum, who was in the Netherlands, asked Andries for help through a picture of me. Just 2 hours after Andries treated me through the picture, I felt way better!! And the next day, my menstruation was back! Within a month I was pregnant and I still am today!! 16 weeks and everything is great! Thanks Andries! !

  5. My name is Ngoc Loan and i live in New Mexico, my nephew was very sick. He had a fever of 104, we rushed him to the hospital and find out that he had a first stage of blood cancer. For couple month, my nephew just kept in and out the hospital. The doctor gave up with my nephew, the doctor said this white bloodcells level was too low that they can do enything. At the time Andries Sijtsema friended me, so we started to chat over Facebook and i told him about my nephew in Vietnam, told me to send my nephew pictures and he will pray and healed my nephew by putting his hand on the picture. At first i did not realy belifed, but it can not hurt to tried. Couple month later my nephew back to hospital again for a fever of 105 or 106, we thought we will loss him.
Andries Sijtsema appeared again and he said he will pray more. A week later my nephew white bloodcells level went up to a normal level and the cancer was gone.
The doctor cant explained, they said it is a mericle.
Thank you Andries

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