Helen en Delen

About me

My name is Andries Sijtsema. I was born in December 1954 in the Frisian village De Knipe, in the municipality of Heerenveen.



15 September 2012 was the day that, after a very depressed period in my life, I was reborn. I was ‘touched’ by an energy (I call it the ‘angel energy’), which is also called the ‘white light’. A soft, intensely loving touch suddenly brought about a deep transformation in me, and through this manifestation I became aware that I could and would heal many people. I can’t describe everything that happened since (you can read that in the guest book), but I’ve seen a miracle every day since then.


The first treatments after I was given my purpose were revelations to me. I didn’t immediately know what to say, but holding people and laying on hands caused spontaneous recovery that I couldn’t explain rationally and that surprised me, my clients and everyone around me. For example, people were suddenly relieved of pain they’d had for years. Every treatment I do since humbles me more and makes me realise that ‘I’ am not the one who heals these people. This doesn’t come ‘from’ me, but ‘through’ me. I am allowed to be a channel for the healing power and love of Jesus Christ.

My mission

My mission is to relieve or cure the pain and suffering of people and allow them to reconnect with their own power through the healing power and love of Jesus Christ. Someone once told me, ‘You bring lost souls back home’. Maybe that’s the best description. Some people experience my treatment as if they’re being brought back to the basis.


Every day since September 2012 is another day full of amazement and more respect for ‘the miracle’. Every day I’m surprised of what ‘my’ healing hands are allowed to do and what the power and love of Jesus Christ does to the lives of my clients. When I lay on my hands for someone in love who then recovers from years of chronic pain or traumas, it’s a moment of pure happiness to me. I feel a deep love when I see that people start to believe in their own strength and intrinsic confidence and that they get their lives back, start to become themselves again and look better. I think the fact that I’m allowed to contribute to that is a miracle.

This is the most precious gift a human can ‘have’.