Helen en Delen

Welcome to the website of the natural healing practice of the Helen en Delen Foundation

My name is Andries Sijtsema and I have the natural gift to treat people on their way to healing/recovery.

This healing power doesn’t come ‘from’ be but passes ‘through’ me. (I give people the strength and love of Jesus Christ). Thanks to this, I am able to open myself up to the stream of healing power that I transfer to my clients. I am what they call a ‘channel of healing energy’.

During treatment you, the client, experience a flow of ‘healing Light’, either consciously or subconsciously. This is the same light that revealed itself to me on the day I became aware of my gift and purpose.

This healing light contains all energy and information that is required for healing and/or recovery. My touch, laying on hands and/or treatment via a picture of the person concerning causes spontaneous healing or recovery and activates the resilience of the mind and the self-healing ability of the body.